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Agencies We Support

The United Way of Scott County supports numerous organizations with your donations!
These organizations offer services that grow & improve our community!

Life Span Resources

Providing outreach/information and assistance for seniors.

Life Span Transportation

Providing transportation for senior citizens and persons with disabilities, allowing them to remain independent.



Scott County Community Clearinghouse

To help educate through budgeting classes, and help families in crisis. Offering emergency assistance so that no Scott County resident goes hungry.

(812) 752-0123

Scott County CIRCLES

Helping any Scott County resident living in poverty and ready to make a change, begin the process of moving out of poverty.


Scott County Youth Football League

Providing a healthy environment for the youth of Scott County to develop skills in team work, trust and respect, to prosper as an adult.

(812) 812-4256

Scott County Family YMCA

Helping assist the summer welfare of children age 5-12 that live in Scott County.

(812) 752-9622

Englishton Summer Youth Program

Enriching the lives of children through nurturing relationship’s and positive experiences.

(812) 889-3130

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Provides a one to one relationship with a mature volunteer for youth in need of friendship. Also provides in-school mentors to youth with untapped potential.

(812) 752-665

Lexington Good Faith Preschool

Preparing children for success in school and in life, program is free!

(812) 889-2339